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Not my first adventure, but my first blog

I've decided to open my private adventures to the public. Instead of keeping my comings and goings to myself, I'd like to invite you along through writing and journaling after I return home from fossil hunting, freediving, and discovering.

I've been lucky enough to find myself surrounded by intrepid, loyal, and brave adventurers - people who spend their lives outdoors, experiencing and living life to their fullest extent. I learn from them every day about the way things have been in the past, and they help me understand what could be coming in the future. Almost every one of them has another job - air conditioning repair, bartending, middle school teacher... But you won't hear them talking about it. They regard jobs as a necessary evil to provide the funding to continue to explore the world around their homes. We focus on natural history rather than human accomplishments and developments. It's a wild story worth telling.

Let's start with what you've missed. When I arrived in Gainesville, I fell in love with the freshwater springs and karst topography. I started a non-profit to help educate people about the challenges facing the springs, and organize underwater cleanups. I led teams of volunteer freedivers into areas full of trash, removing over 9,000 pounds from the springs.

We made discoveries along the way. We helped an archaeologist excavate a mammoth tusk, we found glass bottles from the 1800s, we found our fair share of GoPros and cell phones. After closing the non-profit, I became a full-time freediving instructor, teaching people how to control their minds and their bodies to achieve depths they thought impossible on one breath. I began living a life authentic to my true self. Stacking stories and adventures. Taking pictures and making friends. I decided to start Aquatrek Expeditions because I realized that I've spent thousands of hours learning about the natural history of these places, and how to explore them safely. I kept hearing "Dave, you really need to be a tour guide out here". Well, here I am. Let's go.

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