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Level 1 Freediver

With years of experience and hundreds of former students, you get the best of the industry.

  • 48 hours
  • $400 per Attendee
  • High Springs, Gainesville, and Various North Central Florida Springs

Service Description

Level 1 Freediver courses are led by David Cobiella. He is well known for his rigorous, academic course material that makes up the core of his freediving courses. David welcomes every personality and meets folks where they're at along their journey to becoming a freediver. Every foundational topic will be emphasized: form, technique, equalization, mindset, rescue, safety, and how to push further without risk. You can rest assured that you will leave with a complete understanding of the sport, furnished with the latest in freediving knowledge from frequently updated sources. David's guest service and psychology background make him uniquely well-equipped to pass along his knowledge of the sport. You will feel seen and acknowledged as your individual speed bumps and obstacles are tackled one by one.

Contact Details


We generally serve the North Central Florida region. High Springs, Florida, USA

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