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Level 2 Freediver

Ready to move on from Level 1? Don't settle for less.

  • 48 hours
  • $600 per Attendee
  • High Springs, Gainesville, and Various North Central Florida Springs

Service Description

When it comes to the Level 2 freediving course, it's hard to find where to begin. Your coach, David Cobiella, has this to say: "The level 1 course is an mindset course. The level 2 course is a lifestyle course." When you purchase your level 2 course, you are signing up to get the very best information available on rescue, progression, equalization, dry training, pool training, and effective buddying. Whether it is in the ocean or the springs, anywhere the light touches will become your underwater playground. An excellent choice for those with goals in spearfishing or a spiritual enjoyment of the underwater environment, this course will prepare you at a level that cannot be found in other comparable freediving education. Synthesizing information from over half a decade of collaboration with the world's top freediving athletes, David has eliminated any questions about how to achieve your next personal best. Come and enjoy a unique freediving environment in the crystal clear Florida Springs, and if you don't want to travel with your gear, no worries! Check out our top of the line rental fleet if you have any gaps to fill with your equipment. Your coach will get with you before the course begins to answer any questions and prepare you for the experience of a lifetime.

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We generally serve the North Central Florida region. High Springs, Florida, USA

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